Dangerous Curves Ahead

Slippery When Wet

Your beck and call girl

Ruby hair cascades down the softest skin you'll ever feel, delicately sunkissed.  A true coke bottle body is graced by long legs in high heels.  Ebon eyes stare into your soul.

I am a specialist in the real and prefer face to face, cheek to cheek interaction above all else.  I simply seek someone who wants what I want:  to indulge in life's finest pleasures with life's finest people.

As such emails and other communication will be kept brief and to the point:  Setting up our meeting.


Yours on demand

You understand that experiences are built, created, and custom.  You will not arrive with a laundry list, seeking acronyms.  If specific "services" are what you seek, you are in the wrong place.

What I provide is a full mind, body, and soul adventure that will leave you with no desire, except more time with me in the future.


You call, I come

I am infinitely adaptable - like white clay in your firm hands - and will never look out of place on your arm no matter where the evening takes us.

I love people of all shapes, sizes, colours, creeds, ethnicities, religions, and backgrounds.  Our differences are what make us interesting.

I am convenient to Raleigh & Charlotte NC and consider both my "home city" but I frequently travel.  Please see my schedule below.


Like a fine automobile, she was built for speed and pleasure.

They call me the wanderer.

I grew up on the back of a motorcycle and have spent my life travelling since — honing my skills, absorbing my experiences, and letting them shape who I am.  Are you ready for an adventure?

I am genuinely interested in what you have to say, and one of my favourite things is getting to learn what makes you you as a person.  I love to figure out what makes you tick before I make you explode.  I will continually surprise you in all of the best ways, taking your satisfaction to new heights each time we meet.  I believe that the more a connection grows, the deeper the pleasure becomes.  I look forward to making a body to body connection with you.

I am a very private person who values discretion as much as you do.  Privacy is paramount in a time where the ability to be anonymous is rapidly fading.  As such, I do not show my face and I keep a low profile online.  In an era where everything is tracked, I do everything in my power to make sure our time together is not.  I encourage you to use encrypted email, a throw away smartphone (or no phone at all) and the TOR browser whenever possible.

Height:  5’5”
Weight:  119
Measurements: 34F-24-34
Age:  W was the President when I graduated high school
Politics:  Don’t be an asshole



Sorel Boots.  Prada Heels.  Herve Dresses.  Dior Scent.  Hindmarch and Hermes Handbags.  Lise Charmel Intimates.  Tiffany Jewelry.  Hermes Scarves.

I am particular in my luxury because I value quality over the name.

My primary love language is receiving gifts and in return I shower you with physical touch, quality time, and acts of service.

In addition to you bringing an item from the designers above, I enjoy giftcards to I.D. Sarrieri, SOLGirl.com, and Amazon.com — shares of stock are also always appreciated 😉



Like "Terms and Conditions" for our arrangement, except I actually expect you to read these.

  • Clean and well mannered is essential.  I prefer you shower when you arrive, but if you choose not to because you’ve recently showered please wash your hands before engaging in any contact with me.
  • No smoking around me, sorry!  You can bring a Juul though.
  • Cash is king, but other methods can be discussed privately before our visit. If another method is not arranged prior to our visit, I will be expecting cash.
  • **Do not EVER bring me cash in a plain white envelope.**  I will know you did not read my website if you do.  An ATM envelope is fine, or feel free to get creative with this:
    • In a box or with some socks is great.
    • A leather envelope would be exquisite.
    • I always love a good book — pick me out one of your favourites (I mostly enjoy historical non-fiction and books that teach me how to do things).
    • A fun greeting card.
  • Anything that is not a plain envelope.
  • You can expect to find the woman you see on this website.  As a self described specialist in the real, it would be counter intuitive to present myself as anything other than I actually am.
  • Candlelight, soft skin, warm smiles, relaxing music.
  • The experience laid out to you in the writing on this website.  I’m not writing “copy”, I’m trying to give you a preview of what our time will be like.  There will be food, laughter, conversation, and pleasure.  This is a holistic mind and body experience.
  • To completely lose yourself in someone else for a period of time.  To let time slip away in a room with no clock as we melt into each other and we can leave our cares behind if just for an evening.
  • Cancellation:  Life happens and I appreciate that you respect my time enough to ensure I am not out of pocket if you should need to cancel:

    Within 3 days of the visit:  50% of the scheduled time.
    2 days or less:  100% of the scheduled time.

  • Deposits:  Deposits are always appreciated on visits 2 hours and up as a show of good faith.  Deposits are only required in situations such as a visit costing me money up front (FMTY and other travel based visits) or if you have previously cancelled more than once.

New York City, Boston, DC, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and the entire state of Florida:

Gentleman’s Hour:  900
2 hours:  1200
3 hours:  1800
4 hours:  2000

Please email me for international rates.  They are different and not listed on this page.

You look familiar…are you…?
Maybe.  But if you’re looking for someone else I will tell you this —  the experience they provide and the experience I provide are worlds apart and if you are looking for them…you might be really surprised by me, and I doubt you’ll get what you seek.  Her and I want and provide completely different things.

Who shot your photos?
I shot most of them myself with the help of a tripod and a timer.  I had a few shots a friend from school helped me line up that just weren’t possible without a human being holding the camera.

Where are you based?
I live in a teeny tiny mountain town in the middle of BFE.  I consider both Charlotte and Raleigh my home city.

Why don’t you just tour like normal providers?
I am a full time student + own a home business + run an online business.  I do not have the time to fly city to city and sit in a hotel waiting for visits to be booked, to come or to live on the road.  What I have time for is scheduling visits specifically to see you.

Do you have more photos or an Instagram?
If you want to see more of me, come meet me in person.  There’s at least a dozen photos on this site and I periodically post some on Twitter as well.  If you require more than that before we meet it would seem to me you’re more looking for free spankbank material, not a meeting or connection.  If you’re already interested from what you’ve seen and read, you can get a better “glimpse” into “who I am” in person anyway.  “Who I am” is a treat for my suitors, not strangers on the internet.



The Finer Details


Weekly Schedule
Monday:  Raleigh
Wednesday:  Charlotte
Friday:  Raleigh

Completely unavailable:  Tuesday/Thursday
Available for travel:  Sat/Sun/Mon

Planned Travel Dates
Oct 28



Weekly Schedule
Monday:  Raleigh
Wednesday:  Charlotte
Friday:  Raleigh

Completely unavailable:  Tuesday/Thursday
Available for travel:  Sat/Sun/Mon

Planned Travel Dates
Nov 6-7
Nov 21-24
Nov 26-Dec 3



Weekly Schedule
Monday:  Raleigh
Wednesday:  Charlotte
Friday:  Raleigh

Completely unavailable:  Tuesday/Thursday
Available for travel:  Sat/Sun/Mon

Planned Travel Dates
Dec 9
Dec 13-16


kind words from kind souls
In a word Sadie was great. She was everything I hoped for and more. Has a great smile and definitely looks better than the photos on the website. Very agreeable, very flexible and fun. What you see is definitely what you get.


From the moment I met Sadie, she was warm, friendly, and inviting. She is beautiful and has a body to die for, too. She is very open and sweet, and she genuinely feels like a good friend (with great benefits). I will always consider her among my top tier, most favorite companions (and online personalities). I can’t wait to see her again!


I was extremely nervous when Sadie met me at the door. I found her easy going nature and warm touch soothing. We talked for a long time, and I found I can't get enough of this understanding soul, whose heart is rich in compassion. She has an undeniable passion for people. As we sat talking on her sofa, she gently brushed up against my arm and legs. She can't hold back her exuberance for life which flows from her depths and culminates in her smile. Sadie has electric eyes that sparkle on an enchanting face and a body capable of fulfilling the subtle promises of her sexuality. Sadie is an experience second to none.


Scheduled visit for myself and my partner with Sadie and was more than a little nervous about what to expect. Less than 5 minutes in it felt like we where sitting with an old friend. She is beautifully, easy to talk, intelligent, has amazing life experiences to share. (could have spent hours listening to her talk). Words can’t even begin to describe how unbelievable it was once we got comfortable. Our best expectations were blown way by this beautiful unicorn (they exist!!). Once in a lifetime experience that we already plan to repeat.


When you enter you are welcomed by soft light and the smell of wildflowers. Once inside you are greeted by a lovely voice that makes you feel welcome. Within seconds she engages you to make you feel comfortable in the space. Conversation with Sadie can be anything you want it to be. She can speak on any topic. But know your stuff cause she truly knows hers. After getting to know each other intellectually she guides you to a more comfortable space. She is soft, and very gorgeous. Her beautiful eyes look through you not just at you. The experience was magic. Her sweet smell, soft skin made my heart pound. I did not want it to end. Sadie is my kind of women. Read her website and know what your getting first. I for one will be a regular.


Sadie is a unique experience. She is well spoken, educated, opinionated, and loves spending time with others. Conversation flowed naturally and she met all expectations. What you see on her site is what you get. She fulfilled everything I wanted and needed. I could see her fulfilling roles. Her people skills are phenomenal and time with her will not disappoint.


It was early afternoon on a pleasant day. She opened the door. Gracefully scented hair bouncing above the shoulders of her simple little green and white dress. She wore very little makeup, none was needed. She offered an inviting gesture and a pleasing greeting with a hug and a peck. She stood barefooted and a little shorter than I expected. Her confidence was the first notable attribute. We sat down and talked. Her second notable attribute, easy in conversation. We spoke of politics, religion, history, In fact no topic I used to ease my discountenance caught her off guard. I had just entered the domain of an educated, intelligent self-confident lady.


Sadie is amazing. She has been on my radar for quite a while and I was excited to finally have the chance to meet her. Unfortunately it wasn’t the best day for me but it was the only day our schedules aligned to be in the area at the same time. I stopped in after a long day of problems at work and I was worn out physically and mentally. I wasn’t much for physical activity but like I said, I wasn’t going to let that stop me from meeting this beautiful creature. Sadie let me just lie back and took fantastic care of me. She’s gorgeous and intelligent and works to ensure you have a great time. I’m looking forward to the next time I can see her and enjoy all her talents.


Spend a few minutes with Sadie and the most salient part of her anatomy will become apparent -- her heart. Irrespective of the winter weather outside, her gentle touch and inner warmth will leave you breathless. Even fully clothed. As a math major, I know space and time are relative. Play 'In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida' and a Grassroots album on your iPod in the '60s bungalow for her and this world traveller will whisk you away to scenic vistas you've only imagined. Behind those Foster Grants is a mind in constant operation. She's equally adept at discussing politics, London shopping venues, Vancouver's Chinatown and ski slopes, Rush's classic vs. recent CDs or what the two of you should do next in bed. Don't believe me? There's one way to find out ...


Im a real nervous guy but Sadie put me right at ease with her humor and her clever charm. She is sarcastic, full of wit and clever quips. She is friendly and fun to be around as well as EXTREMELY talented at seemingly everything she does. She used the word vivacious and that's an understatement. This girl will keep you on your toes, and wear you out. She is as energetic as she is beautiful.


Amazing. I was nervous and unsure what to expect but from the minute she greeted me, Sadie felt like a friend. She has some neat gadgets and really is as flexible as the legend claims. I was completely comfortable with her from start to finish. What I thought would be the hard part was a breeze and we got right to the fun. Thanks again Sadie an amazing morning.


The snapshot the internet gives you into this whirlwind of a woman is nowhere near enough. She cannot be captured or summed up. From the minute she introduced herself I was hooked. I could have listened to her all day, I could have stayed in that bed with her all day. I've been with Sadie twice now and both were amazing, fun, and unique experiences incomparable to anything else I've experienced. Thanks Sadie, I hope to make it a hat trick soon.


We have not done anything like this before and Sadie made us feel completely at ease. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with her, she gave us a tour and let us know our options and was fully accommodating to all of our needs. Fun and professional!!


I had an incredible time with Sadie. She is intelligent, witty, and breathtakingly beautiful. My pulse is racing just thinking about her. She has a beautiful aura that is relaxing and a true pleasure to experience. Being intimate with Sadie is beyond description but she is also an incredible conversationalist with a tremendous amount of interests and experiences. I enjoyed every second with her and cannot wait to see her again.


Reserve Me

The anticipation builds

To get started, simply send the information requested below to sadie.selene@protonmail.ch or fill out the form.  Thanks in advance, and I can't wait to connect with you.